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Fame (Download)

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The Queen of Sheba went to visit King Solomon because she heard of his fame. This story is in the Bible because it is the perfect image of the Messianic Age. Jesus is King and the world will be drawn to Him when they hear about His fame. With Solomon, God used wisdom to attract the world. With Jesus, God used His power and authority to attract the world. With His church, God uses wisdom, power and authority. In Christ we have the wisdom and power of fame. As we discover God's wisdom, authority and power to walk in it, people will hear about it and be attracted to Christ. When Christ is lifted up by us, He will draw all men to Himself. People will hear about the consistent victory that you walk in through the wisdom, authority and power of Christ. As you rise, Christ in you, the hope of Glory will rise also. Discover the power of Fame through this dynamic teaching by Tracey Armstrong.

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