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January 1, 2011, I started a journey through the book of John with our Citadel congregation. I expected this study to last only a few months. The deeper we looked into the man Jesus, the more we realized who He was walking on the earth, who He is at the right hand of The Father, and who we are in Him. It has been nearly two years now and we have barely scratched the surface of the mystery of the Christ and His work on the earth. This teaching is broken into two parts. The Light PT 1 covers John chapters 1-13 and reveals to us the Jewishness of Jesus and the powerful revelation of fulfillment of prophetic promises of God. The Light PT 1 takes us back to the Law and prophets to reveal to us Jesus in its text. The Light Pt 2 is what we have studied in 2012, which is John chapter 14. The Light PT 2, is the revelation of how to do greater works than Jesus Himself. We cover what that means and how to reach such an audacious goal as becoming greater than the Christ in works. It's what He said and we must fulfill His desire. I would like to offer these life changing messages to you so that you too can walk as Jesus walked on the earth.

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