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Art of Joy (The) (Book)

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Could your past disappointment be the source of your present trouble?

Many people are living aimless lives, suffering from depression, anxiety,
doubt, cynicism, and fear because of disappointments they have experienced
in the past. Y ou may even be affected without realizing it—completely
unaware that events that happened long ago are still simmering in the
background. But you can find the strength to change the course.
In The Art of Joy Tracey Armstrong skillfully uses the biblical stories of
Sarah, the wife of Abraham, and King David, who both defeated pain and
disappointment, to demonstrate not only how to cope with hurt but also
overcome it.
Now is the time to break the chains of disappointment and experience a
dramatic shift in your perspective. Your eyes will open to:
  • The fact that God has destined you to win despite difficult circumstances
  • The telltale signs of unrecognized disappointment and the steps necessary to walk in freedom and purpose
  • God’s eternal forces of faith, hope, and love and how they are available to you now as a part of His promise
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