Tracey is a Preacher of Success. His passion and enthusiasm to equip spiritual, social, and economic entrepreneurs for impact is noteworthy. Tracey has been an executive and success coach for over 15 years. As an international coach to business people and entrepreneurs, Tracey conducts events and conferences for achievers and wealth builders. He has developed mentoring and coaching platforms for every level of marketplace leader. He says, “everyone should fully experience and live life to the fullest.” Through The Academy of Influence, and Barrier Buster Coaching systems, he trains marketplace leaders, as well as anyone who has a next level goal to achieve.

In addition, Tracey has authored 5 books. One of which is an Amazon bestselling leadership book titled, “Followership.” His latest book is “The Art of Joy”. His new book “The Experimentalist” releases September 17, 2019. 

Tracey doesn’t only teach these principles. He also owns two businesses with patented business solutions and operates two non-profit corporations.

Tracey Armstrong and his wife, Nathalie, Live in Issaquah, WA with their three children, Tristen, Yosef, and Sophia. Tracey believes that life is better experiencing it with family. 

Tracey Armstrong and his wife, Nathalie, are also the pastors of Citadel Church, located Bellevue, Washington. Together with their team, they are committed to making and equipping disciples for the Kingdom of God.