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Welcome to my site! Look around…

I have a blog for you to enjoy. I believe that the tips found here will be helpful. In my social media footer, you can access other helpful content that is available to you from my Youtube Channel, my Facebook page and Instagram.

I also have a store where you can have access to both success and spiritual empowerment training and teachings. There is plenty of free stuff in the store if you look for it.

I also host special events and training from live webinars, Apprenticeships and live events. You can find out more information here…so check back often. Welcome to the Influencers Community.

The Experimentalist

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Do you feel stuck? Has your company hit a lid? Would you like to reach your full potential? Do you feel like you have a date with destiny? Do you want to make sense of past pain and challenges? The Experimentalist is your road map to limitless possibilities.
Destiny demands that you become an experimentalist. Someone who has exhausted what she knows and is now in search of the unknown and undiscovered. This path will lead you to experimental success. 
In The Experimentalist, you will learn how to win against all odds. You will unlock the obsession of a winner and success ego of an experimentalist. Discover the power necessary to ignore your limits. Your past experiences will all begin to make sense as you understand that you too are walking with destiny.



Do you ever wake feeling out of sorts? Everything feels off. Nothing seems to click and the slightest challenge seems like the last straw—the end of the world even though it’s not. It starts to feel like you can’t focus. It feels like everything is small and the room is closing in on you. The …


I was thinking about signatures today. Everyone has one. I am not talking about a handwritten signature. I am referring to a special trait that identifies you.  I came to this thought as I was thinking about the little curl on the cartoon character Charlie Brown’s head. That little curl is distinctly Charlie Brown. It …

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