Do you ever wake feeling out of sorts? Everything feels off. Nothing seems to click and the slightest challenge seems like the last straw—the end of the world even though it’s not. It starts to feel like you can’t focus. It feels like everything is small and the room is closing in on you. The issue is not focus. It’s focusing on the right things at that moment. The feelings you have are trying to lead your day. They are trying to take control of every moment. Feelings don’t know how to make great decisions. If you think back to when you made an emotional decision and follow that decision to the result, you will quickly realize that it wasn’t the best decision. The best decision is when you have predetermined your focus. Then when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed you have already determined how you will handle the day no matter how you feel. The only battle is to stay focused on the predetermined focus rather than focus on the limits that feel like they are closing in on you. Have you ever had something out of focus in your natural view? Didn’t it come into view the longer you stared at it? The same is true with mental focus. Everything comes into view the longer you look at it. When the walls are closing in and you feel out of sorts, take a moment and grab a cup of tea or coffee. Something hot where it takes you some time to drink it. Everything will slow down and you will be able to focus on what to do next. Don’t let your feelings hurry you. English breakfast is nice, enjoy every sip. 


I was thinking about signatures today. Everyone has one. I am not talking about a handwritten signature. I am referring to a special trait that identifies you. 

I came to this thought as I was thinking about the little curl on the cartoon character Charlie Brown’s head. That little curl is distinctly Charlie Brown. It separates him from the rest of the characters. It makes him unique. 

Each one of us has a distinct signature. A unique identifier that separates us from everyone else. These traits could be physical, spiritual, or emotional. The key is to identify it and accentuate it. I have heard women talk about accentuating their positives with makeup and otherwise to distract from their negatives. I think that we all can take this advice. Accentuate your positive attribute and make it a sign that separates you from the crowd. Don’t cut your curl Charlie Brown! Let it bounce in the wind.